Encrypted Cloud Backup

Automatic Backups with End To End Encryption

Encrypted Cloud Backup is a secure, offsite, and fully automated data backup solution. Our client-side military grade encryption technology lets you choose your own encryption key and uses it to secure your files on your own device before your files are transferred. This means that your files can’t be decrypted in the cloud, as only you will have a copy of the key.

Our solution is unique because your data is encrypted with your encrypted key locally on your machine before it is ever backed up. Those encrypted files are then transferred over SSL and backed-up at our secure off-site datacenter where it is encrypted once again with your account’s credentials. These two layers of encryption insures that everything, from your folders to file names, are secure and only you can access your data.

Encrypted Cloud Backup Features
Light Weight Client
Our light weight software stays in your system tray and runs in the background. It won’t get in the way of any of your CPU or memory intensive tasks.
Selective File Backup
You can create any number of custom backup sets, each with their own retention policy, backup schedule, backup method, and more.
Pre-upload Compression
Data files are compressed on the client computer, reducing the amount of server space and bandwidth required for your encrypted backup.
Locally Encrypted Data
Secured locally with symmetric key encryption no unsecured data is stored on our server. Only you, with your key can access the data.
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