Lobby Management

Lobby Management System

Monarch Lobby Management makes it easy to manage your lobby and appointments. No more checking to see who is available or performing constant checks of the waiting area. Employees log into Monarch Lobby and monitor the waiting area right from their computer. Wait times and appointment queue information can be fully integrated into your Monarch Signage displays to deliver lobby management functionality and marketing messaging using the same screens.


Lobby Management Features
Digital Kiosk
Kiosk provides customers with self-service check-in that’s easy to use and customizable. The kiosk is a browser application that can be ran from devices such as a PC, Mac, or tablet. Our app turn an iPad into a stylish check-in station. Kiosk software is included with MonarchLobby at no additional cost. Hardware sold separately.
QMonitor is an application that serves as an informational display and announcement system. QMonitor displays a running wait list as well as notify customers when their name has been called. QMonitor is a browser based app designed to be displayed on a HDTV. QMonitor is included with MonarchLobby at no additional cost.
Online Scheduling
Online Scheduling provides online appointment scheduling from your website using MonarchLobby Appointments. Integrates directly into your website with no programming required. This add-on service allows your customers to schedule an appointment which is then created in your MonarchLobby cloud account or on-premise system.
Mobile Devices
MonarchLobby Mobile connects to your existing MonarchLobby on-premise server or cloud account that allows employees to check-in and check-out customers in need of service. This fully featured app gives employees the mobility and freedom to service customers. Customers are listed in order of arrival including name, time in, and visit reason.
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