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Monarch Data Systems Compute Blocks are redundant server hardware appliances running a virtualized instance of Windows Server 2012 R2 built to support your most demanding computing needs, from running applications, Active Directory, and other infrastructure services.

When you acquire Compute Blocks with our Management Service, we take care of everything from installing the hardware, creating user accounts and file shares to get your desktops and laptops connected to your Compute Block, effectively making us your virtual I.T. Department.

Compute Block Hardware
Compute Block
  • 8GB Memory
  • 750GB RAID Storage
  • Fully Redundant Systems
Compute Block
  • 16GB Memory
  • 1.75TB RAID Storage
  • Fully Redundant Systems
Compute Block
  • 32GB Memory
  • 3.75TB RAID Storage
  • Fully Redundant Systems
Compute Block Features
Deploy in Pairs
We keep our Compute Blocks below what typical server vendors charge making them cost effective to deploy in pairs. When deploying as a pair the two appliances replicate their data to each other in real-time allowing easily your to run your operation off the other system in the event of hardware failure, maintenance, or other outage.
Pay as You Grow
As your business grows and your business’s need for storage expands so can your Compute Block. By adding additional Storage Blocks to your Compute Block you can increase your available storage pool. No need to buy storage capacity upfront, simply grow your storage inline with your needs by combining our Compute & Storage Block platforms
Multi-Level Redundancy
hardware-compute-block-diagramOur Compute Block infrastructure maintains multiple levels of redundancy. Beyond our paired hardware approach, each Compute Block holds a days worth of hourly backups onsite for fast restoration of data in the event of hardware failure. Optionally, combine with our Encrypted Cloud Backup service an additional layer of robust long term protection can be added with offsite storage and versioning of backed up files and databases.
For more on our data protection workflow please see our Data Protection Overview.
Management Service Available
Using Compute Blocks and Storage Blocks with our optional Management Service let’s you have someone else do the heaving lifting of setting up and maintaining your equipment. Our standard service covers setting up the Compute and Storage Blocks to your specifications to service your business. This includes setting up Active Directory, adding and removing user accounts, file shares, and deploying system and security updates on an ongoing basis. We can also handle setting up and maintaining other applications you need as a separate service
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