NAS Blocks

Network Attached Storage
Redundant Network Storage Solution

Monarch Data Systems Network Attached Storage (NAS Block) solutions are local, redundant, hardware appliances that can be securely accessed on your wired or wireless network. Shares or mapped drives can be created and secured as needed.

NAS Blocks can be combined with our optional Encrypted Cloud Backup service an extra layer of redundancy can be added so that of your data automatically gets encrypted and backed-up offsite in the cloud.

NAS Block Hardware
Storage Block
  • 2TB Redundant Storage
Storage Block
  • 4TB Redundant Storage
Storage Block
  • 6TB Redundant Storage
Storage Block Features
Hardware RAID
Each Monarch Network Attached Storage solution (NAS Block) features RAID technology. These redundant array of independent disks store your data in different places on multiple hard disks, thus adding hardware redundancy.
Pay as You Grow
As your business grows and your need for storage expands simply acquire additional NAS Blocks to increase your available storage pool. You will never need to buy capacity upfront.
Multi-Level Redundancy
Beyond hardware RAID you can optionally further secure your data with our Encrypted Cloud Backup service adding end to end encrypted and automatic backups of your data.
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