Management Service

Large Business It Capability
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All Monarch Data Systems solutions are available with our Management Service to make your technology investment simple and cost effective. Instead of waiting for problems to happen, reacting to them, and charging an hourly rate each time; we can help supplement your existing IT with our virtual IT department service.

This reduces cost and risk and increases company productivity with systems that are running at their peak with fewer interruptions. We are so confident in our solutions, that we bundle support at a fixed monthly fee to handle any and all problems that come up related to the maintenance and support of your Monarch solutions.

Management Service Coverage

Unlimited Support

Remote help desk support is provided 24×7 with on-site support provided during standard business hours. Typically the majority of issues are able to be resolved remotely. Emergency on site night and weekend support is available for a fee.


Solutions covered by Management Plans receive constant monitoring to catch small problems before the grow into big ones. Monitored components include Desktops, Compute & Storage blocks, networking components, security devices and phones.

Patch Management

Our Remote Management software routinely scans your managed systems to determine if security and update patches for Microsoft and select 3rd party applications are missing updates and automatically applies them.

Hardware Refresh Program

The Hardware Refresh Program allows existing Skinny Hardware subscribers with active Maintenance Plans and Hardware Subscriptions to migrate to our latest hardware platforms ensuring you benefit from the latest hardware improvements.

Cost Control

SkinnyOffice solution subscriptions and maintenance plans make it easy for you to budget and control costs. Our approach eliminates unexpected costs due to IT and allow you to easily budget for rapid growth without costly upfront capital expenditures.

Equipment Replacement

All Skinny Office equipment covered with active Maintenance Plan will be repaired or replaced free of charge under the terms of your maintenance agreement reducing your operational risk and avoid costly unexpected financial outlays.

Web Protection

Improve productivity and security by white listing or blacklisting unsafe or questionable websites. Monitor bandwidth usage, detailed reporting by user, day, and site to improve compliance or for coaching purposes.

Advanced Reporting

We provide management customized routine reports including details of User audits, system performance, health-check results, bandwidth and performance monitoring to address any need from coaching to compliance and trend spotting.

Real-time Antivirus

Enterprise class, Complete Antivirus, Antispyware, Antiphishing, Trojan and Rootkit detection with proactive heuristic detection secures and protects all Compute Blocks, Workstations, NAS Endpoints, and Mobile.

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